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The video starts off with William and Violette in the car. William had bought 3 McFlurries from McDonald's (one for him, one for Bill, and one for Andy) as Violette didn't want one since she's on a diet. He decides to prank Bill and Andy by putting laxatives in their McFlurries. Violette tells William not to pour the entire thing into Bill's or Andy's, to which he says he only poured a few teaspoons.

In the house, Bill is sitting in his chair (as always) and Andy is laying on the couch. William tells them he bought McFlurries for them. He asked if they wanted one and both said yes. He hands one to Bill and the other one to Andy. He grabs the third one for himself. Bill and Andy eat theirs too fast which causes Andy to say, "Brain Freeze!". Violette mentions that she likes to eat her treats slow, so she can savor them. William asks why and Andy asks the same thing. Violette zooms the camera over to her cat Pinky.

Andy starts groaning in pain, so Violette and William ask what's wrong, to which Andy says he has to "poop" in an angry tone of voice. Violette tells Andy not to be so blunt. William walks to the bathroom in the hallway and asks Andy what's wrong. "I don't know, I got a stomach-ache," Andy responds.

William laughs silently, Violette tries to tell him to stop, but he gives her the "Shh" signal. Bill gets up from his chair and calls William's name. William asks "What?". Bill wants William to tell Andy to hurry up, because he needs to get in the bathroom too.

Andy tells Bill to wait, but he says that he has to go too. A couple seconds later, Bill tells William to tell Andy to hurry up, to which he does, but Andy yells "I'M TRYING!". William walks over to the gate and tells Bill that Andy is still in there. Bill walks over to the hallway and yells at Andy to hurry up, because he has to go.

Andy tells him he's trying, but it's taking him a while longer to do so. Bill loses his patience and tells Andy he’s gonna poop his pants, to which William tells him he'll poop on the floor if he doesn't come out.

Finally, Andy comes out of the bathroom. Bill squeezes past William and he ends up in the bathroom too. Bill yells at William to get out of the bathroom, which he does and shuts the door.

William grabs a roll of toilet paper. He was about to tell Bill about the prank but decides to wait another while longer. Bill demands William to hand him the toilet paper, but he doesn't listen. William opens the door and asks Bill how he's feeling, but says he feels horrible and demands the toilet paper. Violette asks Andy if he's feeling better yet, but Andy says he might have to go again as his stomach still hurts. William finally gives Bill the toilet paper and tries to shut the door, it fails at first, but it ended up working. William decides to tell Bill the prank, which he did, resulting in Bill and Andy shouting questions and statements.

While Andy takes his hat (which was backwards) off of his head, he yells "WHAT?". Bill shouts "YOU DID THAT AGAIN? YOU FRICKIN JERK!". Andy screams "WHAT THE HECK? OH MY GOD!", before understanding why he has to go again.

William laughs, while Andy is still waiting on Bill to get out of the bathroom and groans, "Oh, Geez!"


  • This is the second time William has pranked Bill with laxatives.
  • This is the first time Bill had to wait to use the bathroom when he really needed to poop.
  • This is the first and only time (as of now) Andy has been pranked with laxatives.
  • The video got removed from YouTube due to violations against YouTube's community guidelines involving laxatives, which isn't very appropriate for anyone (especially minors).
    • This is the fifth video to be deleted by YouTube.
      • The upload can be found here but the video is age-restricted, so you have to sign in.
      • The video was re-uploaded by CMBgamer 2018 TV. but he took it down to prevent YouTube from removing it. It can be found in the archive.
      • The hacks Sparta uploaded it for the third time on May 2, 2019, but as it should be, it is age-restricted but the video was removed by YouTube.
      • Nightmares and Funniest videos re-uploaded it on December 2, 2020 for the fourth time, but the video was removed by YouTube.
      • Rach Copeland 21 re-uploaded this video on March 23, 2021 and made it age-restricted but Rach Copeland 21 removed it to prevent YouTube from removing it.
      • Violette1st reuploads the re-uploaded video on April 7 2021.
      • iNext re-uploaded this video on April 28, 2021.
        • According to this video, it was uploaded on September 18, 2016.
  • This is the first time Andy takes William's side (the bit William asking Violette about eating slow).
  • This prank was most likely William’s revenge on Bill and Andy for burring his Xbox One S.
  • This is the first time Bill says, “What do you mean “What do you mean?””. He would later say it in AVENGING DAD BURIES SONS XBOX!!!, KID GIVES DAD 4 FLAT TIRES!!, and KID GAMBLES AWAY $1,200 ON DAD'S CREDIT CARD!!!.

Video Link[]

Since YouTube banned the video, it can be watched on Google Drive here and is the only existing copy left and the only way to watch it: