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It's Mother's Day and Andy and William want to surprise their mother by making a cake. When she comes home, she sees the cake and she adores it. Bill comes in the kitchen asking where his piece is but William says he doesn't get any because all the things he's been doing lately. But Bill argues that it is Mother's day and everyone is supposed to be involved in the celebration, including the cake eating event. After some more arguing, William asks Bill if he really wants a piece and Bill agrees. However, William quickly tricks Bill into realizing he'll get a piece of cake and loses it at the same time by slamming the cake on Bill's face, making the cake edible, Bill's face messy and yelling at Bill to "GET FREAKING REKT!!!!!!!!!!" This was probably due to the incident in FURIOUS FATHER SMASHES CAKE IN WILLIAM'S FACE. The video ends with Bill calling William "freaking jerk" for the first time going up to take a shower, Violette appreciating the cake and saying they need to work on family inclusion.


  • This is the first time Andy appears in the raging series.
  • This is the first video Bill uses his famous quote toward William “freaking jerk!“.
  • "DON'T MESS WITH ME!", "FREAKING JERK!", and "GET FREAKING REKT!" are the most famous words because it was used in the new intro.
  • This is the first time that Bill gets cake all over his head.
  • This is the second cake-related rage video.