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It's Lucy's 21st birthday and the family (minus Bill, Andy, Zachary, and William's Grandma) are going to celebrate, except for William since he's in a bad mood. Lucy also says that she found a present at her front door. As Violette tries to light the candles, William decides to light them for her. Violette then sings happy birthday to her and told William to sing along but William refuses and said nothing, so he says unhappy birthday not to Lucy. Lucy then blows out the candles and says that she wants to open her present. The first thing she gets is a card from "William". William first says that he didn't give Lucy that card, but he then says he did. Then Lucy takes out a box from the bag. She sees a play button in it. William then says that he didn't give Lucy this. They then fight for the play button. While Lucy ditched William outside, she puts the play button in the oven. William then demands Lucy to tell him where it is, but Lucy refuses to tell him. William tries to look for it in the cabinets but turns up with nothing. This enrages William when he burns the birthday card because of Lucy thinking he wrote and gave her that but William didn't, claiming that it wasn't his handwriting which caused Lucy to spray him with the kitchen hose. William then licks the cake like an animal and then eats it with a spoon before flipping the table. He then grabs the cake and smashes it in Lucy's face. Violette gets mad, and William knocks Lucy's crown off of her head. Violette then tells Lucy that she did brought the play button to herself. As Violette signs off, she is enraged when William flips the bird on Lucy twice, using one finger the first time but both fingers the second time. Violette then signs off all stressed, saying that was her happy birthday.


Things Destroyed[]

β€’ Birthday Note ($0.07 in Damage)

β€’ Lucy's Oreo Cake ($3.00 in Damage)

Pizza From Dominos $5.00 in Damage.


  • This is the first rage video of 2018 and where William burns something (The birthday card)
  • This is the first time William flips the bird on Lucy.
  • This is the only time Will says, "You monster!"
  • This is the fourth time William slams a cake in a Family Member's face and second time William slams a cake in Lucy's Face. The first being KID SMASHES CAKE IN SISTERS FACE ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!
  • This video was considered an unnecessary video, due to Lucy giving a birthday present by herself when William didn’t do it. And William being in a very bad mood by ruining his sister’s birthday. Many fans hated Lucy for being extremely immature while other fans did not like it when William flip the table and flips her off.
  • This is the first time William wears different Osiris shoes (red and grey in this video).
  • This is one of the few videos from 2017 and 2018 that are under 10 minutes long.
  • William appears to have lost a bit of weight since the previous video.
  • Bill was in this video, but only his voice can be heard if you hear it closely.