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KID PICKAXES FORTNITE MONOPOLY BOARD GAME!!! is a video in the raging video series that was uploaded to the Violette1st channel on December 25, 2018.


Violette has a family bond night planned, and part of it is a Fortnite-themed version of the Monopoly board game. Bill thinks William won't appreciate it, but Violette insists on bonding the family together with the board game. Violette calls William down and William comes down to open the present.

Bill is proven right, as William does not appreciate it and throws a fit. William doesn't want to play it at first because he thinks board games are for little kids (despite it saying "ages 13 and up"), but then William reluctantly goes along with the family. Andy starts on Loot Lake, Bill starts on Tomato Town, William starts on Pleasant Park, and Violette starts on Flush Factory.

At the beginning of the game, Andy goes first since he rolled the highest number pregame. (which William questions since it's his gift) He rolls a 4 and reads a card that said "Send the player across from you to jail," which is, of course, William, who complains how they just started the game and he is already in jail saying it's unfair. Bill then rolls a 6 on the action die and collects Retail Row. He also rolls a brick on the action die, so he builds a wall. It's William's turn and he needs to roll a 6 to get out of jail. He does, but Andy objects, saying that he didn't roll the action die at the same time. Upon doing so, William rolls a 1 and is forced to spend 2 tokens to get out of jail. Violette rolls a bandage on the action die (meaning she gets 2 more tokens from the bank) and rolls a 2 on the movement die. After many unsuccessful attempts, she moves 2 spaces and lands on Wailing Woods, which she collects. While all of this is happening, Bill begins the cheating by giving one of William's tokens to Andy, and keeps another one for himself.

On Violette's next turn, she rolls a 4 and another bandage, allowing her to own 2 more tokens and Haunted Hills. Andy then rolls a bandage (collecting 2 tokens) and moves one space. He reads a card that card says "Send the player across from you to jail" again, which is William once again. William is starting to get mad on how he has to go to the jail section of the board game again. Bill then rolls a 1 off-screen and lands on a Spike Trap, forcing him to give up a token to the bank while also stealing one from William. The camera cuts to William's turn, who rolls a 6 and gets out of jail for free. However, he lands on a Spike Trap, forcing him to pay one token. Violette reassures him that he's out of jail and it can't get any worse.

Violette then rolls a 6 while William steals 3 tokens from the bank, and collects Lazy Lake while Bill steals 2 tokens from William and gives one to Andy. Andy rolls a 2 and collects Snobby Shores while William cheats and collects a token from the bank. Bill then rolls a 4 off-screen and lands on a Cozy Campfire, allowing him to gain a token from the bank. William questions Bill on why he has so many tokens, which Bill replies that "he knows how to play the game." (in reality, he's been stealing tokens) It's William's turn and he rolls an Attack signal on the action die. He chooses to attack Bill, who must give one token to William, but he cheats and gives a token to Andy instead, which Violette and William notice. An argument starts that ultimately results in William taking a token away from Bill. Violette then wonders where William's coins have been going and guess that he's losing them. He collects Flush Factory off-screen.

The camera cuts to later in the game. It's Andy's turn and he rolls a 4, which causes him to land on Flush Factory, which William owns. He gives William 3 tokens and puts a wall down. Bill then rolls a 3 and lands on a Cozy Campfire, collecting a token from the bank. He then attacks William, and William angrily gives him a token. William rolls a 3 and lands on the Go To Jail square, sending him to jail for a third time. He then gets angry and keeps demanding to re-roll, which Andy and Bill refuse to allow him to do. He gets really angry and demands that the game resume, and Violette tries to calm him down. William angrily rants about how he's going to jail all the time, with Bill continuing to steal 2 of William's tokens.

Violette rolls a 5 and lands on a Spike Trap, so she has to give up one token to the bank. Feeling bad for William, she gives him the token instead, but it's all for naught as Bill has already stolen 2 more tokens that William already had. It's Andy's turn and he rolls a Boogie bomb on the action die, destroying his wall. Bill then steals 2 tokens from William again, leaving him with just 4 left. He move 5 spaces, but lands on a Spike Trap and has to give up a token. William then notices that he does, in fact, have 4 tokens left. He questions this, but Andy denies it, saying that William must've landed on everyone else's properties and it's not their fault. Violette then distracts Andy and Bill before sneakily giving William another token. Bill then rolls a bandage and collects 2 more tokens. Off-screen, he moves 5 spaces and collects Tilted Towers while stealing another token.

It's William's turn and he rolls a 4, in which he chooses to spend 2 tokens to get out of jail, leaving him with only 2 tokens. He then questions on what happens if he lands on a square, to which Andy replies that he's the card reader. (That implies that he was lying about the cards so William would go to jail.) William then lands on a chest square, and Andy once again claims that it says "Send The Person Across From You To Jail," which is Andy this time. Andy then moves his token to jail while Bill steals a token from William again, leaving him with only 1. Violette then rolls a bandage, claiming 2 more tokens and giving one to William. She then lands on Viking Village and pays William 2 tokens. William then gives himself another token while Andy rolls, but Andy secretly alters the dice to get a 6 and bandage (which Violette is suspicious of), while also moving 7 squares instead of 6. Bill then rolls a bandage, getting 2 more tokens.

The camera cuts to Violette's turn. She moves 5 spaces and lands on a Spike Trap, losing a token. She also rolls an Attack and attacks Bill (despite Andy's and William's suggestions, each wanting her to attack the other). The camera then cuts to Violette's next turn. She rolls a bandage, collecting 2 more tokens. She lands on Flush Factory, so she owes William 3 tokens, but instead gives William a lot more and made William win the game, due to her suspicions of Andy cheating. Andy steals all of the tokens and declares that William loses.

As Bill and Andy cheated, William gets frustrated and annoyed, goes outside for a little bit, and then comes back in with a pickaxe. He smashes the table three times, the pickaxe got stuck in one of the holes, and then William and Andy fought to get the pickaxe out. William pickaxes the table one last time. Then, Bill, William, and Andy drop the pickaxe in the corner between the couch and the armchair that Bill was sitting on. The latter two of the men then fight and tackle each other while blaming each other for ruining the night. After William and Andy finished fighting, William takes the table that had the holes that he pickaxed outside and Andy follows him. Violette told Andy he hurt William's feelings and William locks Andy out of the house before telling Violette to not to let him inside for ruining the night. William goes upstairs to bed and Violette signs off all stressed out.


- Violette: "I'm healthier!" - William "Shut up!"

Things Destroyed[]

• Fortnite Monopoly Board Game ($19.99 in Damage)

• Table ($99.12 in Damage)


  • This is the second longest video in the Raging series.
  • This is one of the most highest quality videos on the channel with a smooth frame rate and high definition, due to the fact Violette bought a new camera.
  • Bill appears to have lost a large amount of weight, compared to his old appearances.
  • This is the first time William does not wear Osiris shoes on video.
  • This is the only time William has freaked out over a board game.
  • This was the last video to be released in 2018.
  • This is the second time Bill wears a hat, the first being Teaching my Dad to Play Grand Theft Auto 5!.
  • Technically, Andy and Bill are the ones to blame.
  • This is the first time we see a car that's not Violette/Bill's, it could possibly be Andy's Hummer H2.
  • Violette & William are hypocritical in this episode because they both hate when Bill locks William outside in the dark In EAT MY SPAM!!! (RAGE), but William himself locks Andy outside in the dark & both wouldn’t let him in.
  • Bill surprisingly doesn't blame Andy for what he actually did in this episode, probably due to Violette & William not asking him who cheated.
  • The YouTube thumbnail and the Instagram thumbnail have one small difference. Bill's mouth was made larger, so that he appears to be more shocked than he really was. Bill's mouth also appears larger then it actually does, and his open mouth appears almost perfectly round inside.
    • This is the only video with a visually altered thumbnail.
    • This is the last episode of Season 5. This season didn't have many episodes, with a total of only 15 videos, which is way below average.
    • It is unknown when Season 6 will be released.


The transcript of the video can be viewed here.

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