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KID GOES BALLISTIC OVER FAULTY MONITOR!!! is the video from Violette1st channel that was posted on April 23, 2017.

Things Destroyed[]

• 4:3 Computer Monitor ($139.00 in Damage)


Violette's dual monitor system isn't working. William wants to go eat, but she says she needs help with the monitor. So William tries to get it to work, but it still doesn't work. He eventually destroys the monitor in frustration by destroying the screen and breaking the WHOLE thing, and Violette gets mad, and she screams, "WILLIAM!" Violette told William some of her YouTube friends were gonna come and fix it but William keeps hitting the destroyed monitor with a screwdriver, and punctures a lot of holes in it. The monitor now has severe damage. It has lines on the screen and a big hole in the screen too, the frame is completely broken off, and it has a bunch of holes from the screwdriver.

Angry and very upset, Violette signs off.


  • At 5:25, You can hear William mutter the "F" word.
  • The monitor that was destroyed was made by Dell.
  • He used two wood planks, a screwdriver, a hole puncher, and a hammer to destroy the monitor.
    • William used his hand to hit the monitor too, and he kicked it towards the end of the video.