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While in Florida for the family's spring break vacation, William is upset because his Xbox is missing. Violette said it was ridiculous of William to bring his Xbox on Vacation. William then blames Lucy for taking it because he thinks Violette didn't take it but Lucy denies ever taking William's Xbox. After questioning Bill about him taking the Xbox and Bill objecting, He and the family look for it, but they can't find it anywhere in the Hotel Room.

The video cuts to the family on a boat introducing everyone and shows that they are on a boat trip, with Zachary, who Violette nicknames "Captain Zachary," seated were the boat's wheel is, and Violette pointing out the things around them including the Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse on one side of the Halifax River (the waterway the family's boat was sailing on).

Meanwhile, when Violette asked Lucy if she was okay, Lucy then reveals the Xbox to her without William knowing she lied and had it the whole time. After Lucy reveals the Xbox to Violette a few more times, William wonders what's going on and Lucy responds saying Violette won't leave her alone while she is taking a nap even though Lucy is pretending to be resting. William and Lucy have an argument, and Lucy then reveals William's Xbox to William.

Lucy then thought about William ruining her 21st birthday and her Oreo cake. Consequently, Lucy throws the Xbox off the boat and into the Halifax River, and submerging it, telling William that it was revenge on him for runing her birthday party. William panics and considers jumping into the river in hopes of getting the Xbox back, but Bill prevents him after telling him that the river is approximately 25 feet deep, in fears that William might drown trying to get the Xbox back. Lucy pulls the Xbox out of the water and shows it to William, jokingly giving the Xbox back to him, but William throws it back into the river, citing it to be useless after being submerged. William then pulls out the Xbox and is angry at what Lucy did, but stays for sake of not upsetting Zachary. William wonders if the Xbox will still work. Bill doubts the Xbox will still work, because it's rendered useless, as it was in the water. William demands Lucy to pay him to get a new Xbox, only for her to object saying that she demands her cake that was ruined by William to be replaced and purchased by him.

The rest of the video shows William, Lucy, and Violette joking to Zachary about William's Xbox and what happened to it, William trying to take a nap, and Lucy playing with Zachary and showing him the views from the boat.



Things Destroyed[]

Victim Destructor Method Result
William’s Xbox One S Lucy Thrown into the river and pulled back up with the string Drenched and destroyed ($349.00 in Damage)


• William: "Why would it be in the bathroom?!" (Refereing to his Xbox One S)


  • This video has a few middle fingers used.
  • This is the first time Bill appears in a 2018 video.
  • The Xbox One S has been reused.
  • This is the first time Lucy breaks William's Xbox Console and not a Controller
  • Towards the first minutes of the video when Violette points out the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse from the family's boat, she mispronounces "Ponce" as "Paan-see" when in reality it is "Pon-ce"
  • The video was removed accidentally when Violette was trying to remove a unreleased video.
  • This is the only vacation video not to feature Andy.
  • The second re-upload was also removed, and wasn't re-uploaded until August 18, 2018.
  • This is Lucy's last appearance in a 2018 video.
  • This is the second time that Zachary cries because of Lucy and William’s fighting. The first time in LUCY TRIES TO STEAL THE PLAY BUTTON!!!
  • The video had its name changed to "LUCY THROWS WILLIAM'S XBOX IN A RIVER!!!'' at some point.
  • This is the only 2018 video to feature Lucy along with KID RUINS SISTER'S BIRTHDAY PARTY.
  • This is among the few videos where William says, "WHAT THE HELL!" (like he did at 8:15 in the video)