Plot Edit

While in Florida for the Family Spring Break Vacation, William is upset because his Xbox is missing. Violette said it was ridiculous of William to bring his Xbox on Vacation. William then blames Lucy for taking it because he thinks Violette didn't take it but she say she did not have it and then Bill and he say he does not have it either. He and the family look for it, but they can't find it anywhere in the Hotel Room. The video then cuts to the family on a boat to fish and Violette shows the viewers the sights they are seeing on their boat ride. When Violette asked Lucy if she was okay Lucy then reveals the Xbox to her without William knowing she lied and had it the whole time. After Lucy reveals the Xbox to Violette a few more times, William wonders what's going on and Lucy responds saying Violette won't leave her alone while she is taking a nap even though Lucy is pretending to nap. William and Lucy have an argument, and Lucy then reveals William's Xbox to William, then quickly throws it off the boat and into the river, drowning it as her revenge for William ruining her 21st birthday and her Oreo Cake. William pulls it back up and then flips the bird to Lucy and Lucy flips the bird back at him and William tries to relax for the rest of the trip.

Trivia Edit

  • This video has a lot of middle fingers used than any other video.
  • This is the first time Bill appears in a 2018 video.
  • The Xbox One S has been reused.
  • This is the first time Lucy destroys William's Xbox Console and not a Controller
  • The video was removed accidentally when Violette was trying to remove a unreleased video
    • The second reupload was also removed, and wasn't reuploaded until August 18, 2018.
    • This is Lucy's last appearance in a 2018 video
    • This is the second time that Zachary cries because of Lucy and William’s fighting.
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