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KID GAMBLES AWAY $1,200 ON DAD'S CREDIT CARD!!! (also known as William Gambles Away $1,200 on Bill's Credit Card!!!) is a threat video uploaded on 23 January 2017 on the Violette1st YouTube channel.




While Violette, Andy and Bill were in the living room watching NFL Football, they hear William yelling from the office and he is mad on the computer in the linen closet where Bill's computer is. Violette overhears William saying that he lost $1,200. She immediately rushes into the office where William shuts off the computer as soon as he sees her. Soon, Bill comes in and reports a $1,200 transaction on his credit card for a gambling website. William, after first denying it, eventually confesses that he gambled away $1,200 on his Dad's gambling profile which Violette doesn't know Bill has. At first, Bill tries to gaslight and blame Andy, but Violette asked Andy if he was gambling and told her that he wasn't gambling and that Andy doesn't believe in gambling. This eventually made Bill admit the fact that he spent a lot of money during Christmas and that was why he gambled and admits that he forgot to turn off his profile. Despite that it's clearly his own fault (because nobody knows the password to his profile), Bill insists that William is going to pay back the $1,200.

When William refuses to pay the $1,200, Bill hijacks William's Xbox and says he's not getting it back until Bill gets his money back by making William raze the house for his Xbox. While William is repetitively ROARING at Bill that he needs his Xbox back with Bill refusing to surrender the XBOX, Violette tells Andy to get the camera. After Andy got the camera, he yelled, "WHAT IS GOING ON OVER HERE?!?!?!?" two times and then, "THIS IS INSANE, YOU GUYS!" After William, Violette, and Andy got back in the house, William took out stuff from the recycling bin, such as BelVita, so that he could look for his XBOX, but he failed to get it back. When Bill came back, Violette suggested to him that he shouldn't have left his profile on so that William wouldn't have gotten in there to begin with. But Bill replies, "He shouldn't have been in business." Violette said Bill had to take a responsibility about what happened but Bill rudely replies saying he never goes into "William's business". Violette then says William was wondering why Bill's profile was on and William continues to yell at Bill to give him his Xbox but Bill asks him why he was on his profile. Violette asks Bill why he left his profile on and Bill replies that he was having some beers. Violette says to Bill he shouldn't be gambling himself even if $300 is a lot of money. Bill tells William to clean up the mess and William asks if he will give him his XBOX but Bill says "NO" and Violette signs off.


  • This is the 3rd time Bill has blamed Andy for something Violette doesn't like. ("KID TIES UP DAD!!!", "KID BURNS DADS PHONE OVER CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!"). This makes Bill playing the victim whenever he gets caught in a lie which many fans expressed their hate at him.
  • This is the 2nd time that William stole his dad's credit card since KID SPENDS $400 ON DAD'S CREDIT CARD!!!.
  • This is the 2nd time that the Xbox gets taken away by Bill since KID AXES DAD'S TV OVER XBOX!!!.
  • This is the 2nd time when Bill mentioned he would take care of the problem and replies to Violette that she'll see. The first time was DAD AND SON BATTLE FOR THE SHOWER!!! (RAGE).
  • This is the first video using the second intro. This intro is for season 2.
  • This is the first video where Andy is not on either Bill's or William's side in a situation. He didn't side with Bill since he got blamed by him for gambling on his account but he didn't support William gambling away $1,200 either.
  • A parent should never leave their gambling profile unattended when they are not home alone. What Bill did was very dangerous because William didn't know that it was real money he was gambling and thought it was just a video game and as a result William gambled away Bill's money without even realizing it and he could've ended up gambling away a lot more than just $1,200 on Bill's account as well. Bill leaving his profile on like that is a major sign of lack of self awareness and could even be a sign of child abuse as he obviously didn't think or seem to care about what would happen if William found out about his account.
  • Andy holds the camera while Violette goes into the house to get her socks.
  • The linen closet was Lucy's room until she moved out. This explains why the walls are pink.
  • At 10:25 Bill nearly says BLEEP!
  • Bill mentions at 10:54 that he never goes in William's business but he did in the times when William burnt his first phone and car from the videos KID BURNS DADS PHONE!!! and WILLIAM GOES PSYCHO AND BURNS CAR OVER XBOX!!!
  • This is the fourth time Bill says, “Whaddya mean “Whaddya mean?”” the first being KID SLIPS LAXATIVES IN DAD'S AND COUSIN'S MCFLURRY'S, the second being AVENGING DAD BURIES SONS XBOX!!!, and the third being KID GIVES DAD 4 FLAT TIRES!!!.
  • This is the second video where someone mentions Christmas. It happens with Bill saying, “Listen, I spent a lot of money durning Christmas, and I had to try to make that money back.”.