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Violette begins the video by explaining that last week was Lucy's birthday, and that their grandma was there and that grandma gave Lucy $100. Violette also says that Lucy wanted William to have $25 of it despite him ruining her birthday and that she didn't have change and it was getting kind of late, so Lucy agrees to mail him $1 to bring it to William. Violette then explains why she was making a big deal about it. The reasons she makes a big deal about it is because she has a cold, has been running around all day, and doesn't feel like cooking. Violette then explains that will also get William off the Xbox for something more productive to do. Violette does the usual, calls William down the steps, William refuses to come down the steps unless Violette gave William the reason, and William goes down the steps. William then gets a envelope from Lucy. He was hoping for $25, but he gets $1 instead. When he calls Lucy, she said that she put the dollar on purpose to get revenge for when he slammed a cake in her face in KID SMASHES CAKE ON SISTERS FACE ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!. She then explains that he also ruined $25 makeup. She also tells him to take the dollar, and spend it on something nice. William gets mad and says he can't even buy a pack of gum. Violette then explains that he needs to work this up with Lucy and that she doesn't feel good and they should get a little bite to eat and call it a night. He gets mad and burns the envelope and throws the dollar in anger.


β€’ William: "Screw you."

β€’ William: "Tell that to lucy!"

β€’ William: "Bye bye envelope!"

Things Destroyed[]

Envelope ($0.98 in Damage)


  • Violette explains that it is illegal to burn money on video. It is unknown whether or not that is true. It may be true since it is defaming currency.
  • When Violette called William down the stairs three times, she almost called him the fourth time, because William had a delayed chance for him to say, β€œWHAT?!”.
  • Lucy sent a text to William saying, β€œBye, Felecia!”, but William doesn’t mean what it is. The phrase saying, β€œBye, Felecia!” originates from the urban comedy movie, β€œFriday”.