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Violette and Bill are downstairs ans William continues raging on Fortnite over Summer Break. When Violette goes up to check on him, she continues to hear him raging about his teammates not helping him and the other team are taking his loot and he says to 1 of his teammates that nobody likes him either and he doesn't give a crap and he says "Nobody likes you either I don't give a crap just get back to" and someone enters William's building and he says "Oh my gosh someone just entered my building I really need help someone just entered my building" She eventually goes into his room and asks him to calm down, but William shoves her out of his room. However, Violette still records through the crack of his door. While William is still playing, he eventually gets eliminated in a round and hits his TV and yells at his teammates. When Violette comes in to check on him, she realizes that there's a crack on his TV inside. She then suggests that they'll get it fixed at the Geek Squad. William does agree to that and takes it outside with him. However, while outside, he says that he's never going to the Geek Squad again as he smashes his TV against a brick. He then manages to grab his TV and throws it into the pool. He then jumps into the pool and puts the TV against the wall. William then jumps out and grabs the TV and says that the 2 of them are buying him a new TV, but Bill says they're not while Violette says that the Geek Squad can still fix it. William then says that they can take it to the Geek Squad, but he then puts the TV in front of the car. He then hops into the car and runs over the TV and drives off. He eventually comes back and asks Violette if she can buy him a new TV, but Violette says so if he goes into the pool more than once a week. William does agree but now he doesn't have a TV to play Xbox with. He then goes to bed as Violette signs off.

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