Plot[edit | edit source]

The video starts with William and Andy wanting to bake cookies because they are getting along and William is having Christmas Spirit now, but there is no Red Velvet cookie dough. William and Andy wonder what happened to the Red Velvet Cookie Dough. After going upstairs, they see a drunk Bill, passed out on the bed, with the packaging of the Red Velvet Cookie Dough. This infuriates William, especially when Bill tries to deny it and blame it on Andy. In retaliation, William grabs Bill's phone and takes it outside with Andy. There, William (with Andy's help) pours gasoline all over the phone and then lights a fire with it. Bill comes outside just in time to see his phone get burned and he gets MEGA ANGRY. Bill tells William he is buying him a new phone and vows to destroy his Xbox again. Violette asks Bill to take partial responsibility, but Bill refuses and insists that William will pay for his phone.

Inside the house, as Andy bakes the cookies, Violette calls a meeting with Bill and William who spend more time shouting at each other, with Bill telling William he is buying him a new phone, and William saying he isn't but Bill isn't letting him get away with that. Violette then signs off with a "Happy Holidays."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the 2nd time William has burnt Bill's phone. ("WILLIAM BURNS HIS FATHER'S PHONE" is the first time.)
    • These two videos were uploaded ~9 months apart.
  • This is the 2nd time Bill has blamed Andy for something Violette doesn't like, and the 2nd time he's blamed Andy for drinking. ("KID TIES UP DAD!!!")
  • This is the 1st Time Bill blames Andy with Andy being present. The second time this happened was in KID GAMBLES AWAY $1,200 ON DAD'S CREDIT CARD!!!
  • This is the 1st time that Andy willingly helps William burn something owned by Bill, although he only does it in revenge for Bill blaming him.
  • Bill swears in this video on a holiday.
  • William calls Bill a "jerk" in this video.
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