Plot[edit | edit source]

Violette wants William to do his homework on his computer, but he would rather play games instead. He had been pretending to do his homework, it seems. Violette comes into his room to find him laying on his bed. She asks him if he was sleeping, and how the assignment was going. She forces her way in, to find that he has just written his first name with a quotation mark underneath it and no last name. She gets into an argument over why a first name alone is inadequate to put on an assignment. She tells him that he is in high school now, and then he has to put his last name on his assignment, because if he doesn't, his teacher will not give him credit, and teachers don't have time to ask which William does the assignment belong to, since there may be another student also named William.

The video then cuts to where Violette gives him some time to get underway, and leaves her bedroom with Whinney sleeping on her bed and goes to check on William and when she comes back, the screen is black. William makes the excuse that she unplugged the thing with her foot and that he was done with the assignment. After a lot of poking and prodding from Violette, William admits to not doing the assignment at all, and that he doesn't want to do it. Violette goes to get her Chromebook and tells him he has to do it there along with her one on one. William disagrees and says it's a Netbook. After some arguing, William has had enough and beats the Chromebook, breaking the screen. He then finishes it off by burning it along with calling it a Kindle Fire.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This was the second Violette1st video to have captions (specifically, English and German).
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