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"HOT SAUCE PRANK GONE HORRIBLY WRONG!!!" is a video posted on the Violette1st channel and is the 47th video in the William's Raging Series Playlist.


The video begins with Violette trying to get William to come downstairs to eat his dinner but he refuses because he is in the middle of playing Xbox and tells his mom "Frick Off". Violette gets offended by William's insult and tells him to not talk to her like that and said she is not a restaurant and if William won't come down he won't eat dinner. Violette tells Bill that William is not coming down. Bill then decides to give William a treat by putting hot sauce on his food again (The same Hot Sauce from WILLIAM'S FOOD HOT SAUCED BY DAD) which shocked Violette that Bill is doing the same prank again. Violette tries again to get William to come downstairs to get his food, but William still refuses. Violette then threatens to turn off the internet if he won't come down which finally got William's attention to get off the Xbox and come downstairs. Once William comes down to the kitchen to eat dinner with his family, Violette tells him to make his own spaghetti and use his own bowl. When he smells the hot sauce in his spaghetti, knowing what will happen if he eats it, he slams the hot sauced spaghetti on Bill in his face causing his eyes to burn. Bill freaks out and goes to the sink to clean his eyes off since he's in so much pain. William laughs at Bill and says that's what Bill gets and Bill thinks he might have to go the the hospital for having burned eyes and thinks having burned eyes is a nightmare. After Bill goes to take a shower to get rid of the hot sauce out of his eyes, William thinks Bill should clean up for attempting to prank him and Violette tells him it's not funny for William to slam the Hot Sauced Spaghetti in his face and told William that he and Bill need to stop pranking each other.

Things Destroyed[]

• Bowl of spaghetti/pasta with hot sauce


  • This is the second time Bill uses his second famous quote, "freaking dingbat!”. The first being, LAXATIVE PRANK ON DAD!!!.


Many people were happy with this video because the prank wars were over and that they can finally see Andy's revenge video. Other were in the neutral mood, saying that William should've dumped the food on the floor instead. Others were not happy saying that William wastes perfectly good food and how he could've gave it to his mom even though it had hot sauce on it.