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Greatest Xbox One S Destruction Ever was posted on August 28, 2016 on the Violette1st channel and is the 61st video on the Violette1st raging series playlist.

== Plot ==The video starts with Violette getting home from work, and he sees Andy and Bill tying William to a chair completely, so he can't move or speak (probably in fear of William putting out the fire and stopping Bill and Andy from doing what they were about to do). She gets off the car (presumably to talk to William), but Bill and Andy refuse to let her pass in fear of her trying to get him off the chair.

The Xbox One S was then presented for all the past destruction as their ultimate revenge to William (such as Axing Bill's TV, which he bought on Craigslist, burning his phone, laptop, car, and work tools, along with throwing Andy's phone in the pool and screwing his tablet to the deck). Bill poured lighter fuel on it and he takes a long lighter out of his pocket and he says "No, he's gonna pay the price" and Violette says "You guys are cruel" When Bill comes close to the Xbox One S holding the lighter, William says, "What are you doing?"

Bill lit the Xbox One S on fire and William watched in horror. Andy then got an ax and axed the Xbox while William was shrieking in horror and Violette was screaming for them to stop. William manages to free himself from the chair, then Bill got the hose, but he used it on William first before he put out the fire.

As a punishment for their trouble, Violette says, "Andy you're crazy don't even ask me for any rides to work or anything this week." Andy was banned from having rides with his Aunt Violette for a week and Bill was threatened a with divorce. Violette says "You guys are jerks" and Bill says it's great and Violette says "Bill you you're supposed to be a father not someone who destroys things". William picks up his Xbox and shrieks "I paid half of it!" Violette says to Bill "You know what Bill?" and Bill says "What?" and Violette says "That BB was nothing on your butt it was big and fat he wasn't really gonna hurt you and you know it you're just being dramatic" "Andy and he would of paid you back for the tablet and stuff" and Bill says "I don't need a TV now we're even" and Violette snaps "You're horror! Get out of my face you guys! I don't wanna be near you guys! You guys are sick!"

Just before William walked up to his room, he bellows, "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!!" to which Andy responds, "I believe I already have," and Bill responding to William, "That's what you think." William then screams, "It's about as hard to get away with this as it is to get away with murder!"

Later, Andy and Bill decide to follow Violette to William's room (where she was going to comfort her son who was crying about the destruction). The two exacerbate the bullying even more with Andy yelling "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ON THE OTHER END?!?!?!" while William shrieks "GET OUT!!" loudly 3 times, and Violette yells "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Andy informs William that he no longer has to repay him for the drilled tablet, and Bill says William no longer has to worry about the TV anymore. Violette angrily chastises Bill and Andy for bullying William, and tells them to get out, while William cries for having his Xbox One S destroyed, and Violette is sympathetic to William who tells Violette with a sad voice, "Love you!".


  • William
  • Violette
  • Andy
  • Bill


  • Outside the House
  • Inside the House
  • Willam’s room

Things Destroyed[]

Victim Destructor Method Result
William's Xbox One S Bill and Andy Burned and axed over Destroyed ($349.99 in Damage)


  • This is the first time Bill and Andy become friends.
  • This video is similar to "WILLIAM'S PARENTS SHOOT AND DESTROY HIS XBOX ONE!!!" but Andy is helping Bill murder the Xbox instead of Violette and instead of Lucy restraining William. Bill & Andy restrained William to a chair by tying him up. Also, the XBOX was an XBOX One S in this video, but it was an XBOX One in the other video.
  • This is one of the rare occasions where Bill is refered to by his birth name, "William."
  • This is the 3rd time William's Xbox One gets destroyed and it is the first time an Xbox One S has been destroyed in the Violette1st Series.
  • This is one of the few videos where all the characters completely lose it.
  • This video was removed on December 28, 2017. The likely reason is because that Violette1st was violating the Community Guidelines likely involving bullying.
  • All of the stuff William destroyed that was Bill's and Andy's was all their own faults. One example: Bill should never have caused William to burn his own things after he turned off the internet, took the Xbox to hid it, and when he caused William to burn his laptop when he was tired and fell asleep. Another example: When Bill bought his TV he should've tested it with something else instead of testing it with William's Xbox from KID AXES DAD'S TV OVER XBOX!!!. Another example: Andy's tablet was destroyed by William because he threw William's AC off the roof in ANDY THROWS WILLIAM'S AC OFF ROOF!!! after a couple of days ago William threw Andy’s phone in the pool by accident because he thought it was his mom‘s.
  • This video has the most re-uploaded videos than any other deleted videos.
  • This is the first time that Violette has threatened divorce Bill due to his abusive behavior against William. As a result, this is one of the most traumatizing events of William's life. He would mention the XBOX destruction in future raging videos due to his relationship problems with Bill and Andy.
  • This is the second video to be deleted by YouTube.
  • Investigation by several users reveals Bill and Andy committing a crime: child abuse. Bill and Andy could’ve been charged because they tied up William and made him watch his Xbox get burned and axed to death before going too far as to bully him in his room.
  • This was the most popular video on the channel before it got taken down for being too cruel.
  • The video was taken down even though nobody got hurt and did not violent. It most likely got removed because it was sort of child abuse.
  • This video is arguably the most abusive thing Bill has ever done to William.
  • Andy remembers from when his cousin, William drilling the tablet to the deck saying, “Next time, you won’t nail the tablet to the deck, huh?!”.


This is known to be the most controversial video in the Violette1st Raging Series. Most hated it for Bill and Andy's actions to tie William up and destroy the Xbox and terrorize him in his room. Fans also hated on Violette for not freeing William and blamed her for it as they claimed that none of this would've happened if she hadn't sold the Xbox in MOM AUCTION'S SON'S XBOX FOR A PENNY!!!. Few people, however, thought William deserved it, but many said he deserved the destruction, but not the tying nor when Andy constantly screamed "HOW DOES IT FEEL?!?!?" in his room. Fans in the Violette1st Wiki have also referred this video as the big arson. Despite this, the video has 7.5K likes and 2.9K dislikes as of March 2017.

Some fans already predicted that William will get his revenge on Bill and Andy. It happened when William stole Bill's credit card to buy a new Xbox in KID SPENDS $400 ON DAD'S CREDIT CARD!!!, ruins Bill's 3 Big Macs (Along with taking one for himself to eat) in WILLIAM'S BIG MAC ATTACK!!! (since William mentioned the events of his Xbox destruction) and when he shot Bill in the butt in DAD SHOT BY SON IN BUTT OVER XBOX!!! & when he slammed a cake in Andy's face and ruined his birthday in WILLIAM'S ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY FREAK-OUT AND REVENGE!!!. Others like Maya Cringe have made it a semi-meme and made word replacements of it.