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The video starts when it's about 6:00 AM EST and Violette telling the viewers that she had a hard time sleeping because William stayed up until about 4:00 AM playing on his Xbox by screaming at random people and Violette could hear him screaming late at night from her bedroom. So Violette wants to get him back at him by disturbing his sleep. So she tries to wake him up by telling him that it was Monday, December 5, 2016 instead of Sunday, December 4, 2016, and that it was a school day. At first when Violette turns on her camera light to wake William, he wouldn't wake so she went to turn on his bedroom light to wake.

Violette told William he will miss the bus if he doesn't get up, but William said he doesn't care, but Violette cares because she has work in the morning and doesn't have time to take William to school and then go to work and doesn't want to deal with the School Administrators over William skipping school. Then Violette grabs William's pillow and then William started sounding like he is possessed or a crow. Violette then said she cannot go with this situation five days a week. William told Violette that yesterday was Saturday and today isn't Monday and Violette says today is Monday and that William is mixed up. When William mentioned that he stayed up until 4 AM, Violette told he shouldn't have stayed up on a school night, but William wonder why everyone else on Xbox were up late at night and Violette responds that those people could be around the country or three hours behind or they are on break which doesn't excuse William to stay up late. Violette then asked William if he wanted candy (Hershey Kisses) if he could get up and William said yes and will get up. William then lies to Violette after getting his candy but not getting up. After awhile, William gets very angry, but not getting up and yelling at Violette to get out of his room but Violette refuses. Then William said he only got 2 hours of sleep because he thought it was Saturday, and Violette asked that does he know how to count the days of the week. But then William asks her that does she know how to count the days of the week. But then Violette says yes, then she goes crazy and yells GET UUUUUUUUP!!!! As loud as she can. When he finally gets up to make breakfast, he puts water in his cereal and then microwaves it, ruining the cereal. Because William thought it was Oatmeal. William decides he has had enough and goes to his room, still tired.

But Violette then decides to let William lay down for 5 minutes and then he has to leave for school. But she decides that William and her need to leave now. When William went to check his phone, his phone said it is Sunday and his mom reveals it was a prank, she laughs at him and then goes to bed, that makes William extremely angry, and he tells Violette that he can't go back to sleep because he is angry at her, and he yells at her to not prank him in the morning ever again because he can’t stand it, she laughs at William and says goodnight.

Things Destroyed[]

• Bowl of Shredded Wheat ($0.49 in Damage)


• This is the second rare prank done by Violette.

This is the second time Violette offered William two pieces of chocolate if he’d do something for her, The first Time was in William throws a Temper Tantrum because he has to do his Homework.