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Violette bought 2 snowballs for William and her to share as a summer treat. When Violette went to the kitchen to set down the Snowballs on the table along with saying hello to the pets, She then goes to the stairway to get William to come downstairs for the snowballs. After calling William down at least six times, Violette decides to go upstairs to see what's up and when she comes into William's room she finds William fallen asleep on the floor by his bed and tells him to get up. After Violette tells William she got Snowballs with Marshmallows, William gets excited and gets up from the floor and rushes down to the kitchen to get the snowballs. When William sat down to have his snowball, he asked Violette if the flavor was regular cherry and Violette said it is. This makes William upset because it was cherry flavored and not wild cherry flavored and prefers wild cherry flavor since William thinks it has more wild tasting. After William throws a Hissy Fit over not getting Wild Cherry, Violette grows very angry and gets frustrated for his ungrateful behavior and lack of being thankfulness. William ordered Violette to get back out and get him a Wild Cherry Snowball, but Violette refuses because she doesn't like being bossed around and for his childish behavior. With William thinking that Violette refuses to get him a Wild Cherry Snowball, William goes outside and protests by pouring the cherry snowball on himself. When William goes back into the house to calm himself down by spinning his Fidget Spinner. After coming down with his Fidget Spinner, William tells Violette he wants to have a snowball fight and throws the snowball at Violette and she gets to her breaking point and she took William's fidget spinner and threw it in the disgusting pool; the reason why the pool is disgusting at that point, is because it's icy, and the water is blackish-green color. William then throws Violette's snowball in the disgusting pool in retaliation for her throwing his fidget spinner in the disgusting pool for revenge and William tries to get the fidget spinner out of the disgusting pool. William screams and says that the water smells like poop. Once William gets his Fidget Spinner and tries to get out of the disgusting pool, he slips and cries and Violette thinks he is being dramatic. Once William gets out of the disgusting pool and complains how dirty he is, William then goes to take a shower to clean himself up still angry and Violette signs off.

Trivia Edit

  • William's buttocks were showing when he was getting out the pool.

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(William is walking across the swimming pool)

Violette: Ew!

William: (screams)

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