Here is everything destroyed in the series so far.

Victims Destructor Method Victims Final Results
TV William Shot and Axed Destroyed
Christmas Tree Bill Chainsawed Top cut off
TV Bill Punched May work, but screen damaged
Bill's phone William Set on fire Burned to death
Lucy's TV William Had water poured on and smashed with a hammer Destroyed
Bill's Truck Tires William Deflated To be reinflated
William's Xbox One controller Lucy Thrown in the ocean No longer functions; Repaired
William's headset Bill Ran over by a car Broken
William's Xbox One Bill, Violette and Lucy Shot with a gun and whacked with an axe No longer functions; Replaced
Lucy's Phone William Blended, poured milk on and chucked on the floor Destroyed
William's Xbox 360 Controller Lucy Dropped in the toilet Water damaged; Replaced
William Lucy Poured cake on Hair covered in cake; Cleaned
Nintendo Wii Lucy Stolen Saved
William’s math problem homework assignment William Krumped a hole on it Broken
Family Christmas tree William Thrown in the woods No damage
William's pumpkin William Cut with an axe Sliced in half
Aunt Lee's Thanksgiving turkey William Thrown on the floor Inedible
Violette's phone William Thrown in the pool Was already destroyed
William's laptop Lucy Had hinges broken with her leg Screen came apart and destroyed
Lucy William Attempted fight William's Mom stopped him
Bill's car William Set on fire Interior burned; Fire put out by Bill
William's "already destroyed" Xbox One William Shot with a gun and burned A bunch of small holes appeared on the Xbox from the guns and the plastic melted and caused a bigger hole from the fire
William's homework William Set on fire Ruined
Bill's car window William Smashed with a pickaxe to get his Xbox One Shattered; Repaired
William's phone Lucy

Put in cake batter

Family internet router Bill Ran over with a car Destroyed; Replaced
Family vacuum cleaner William Thrown off the roof Unknown
William's TV William Shot with a toy gun and stabbed with hedge clippers Destroyed; Replaced
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 disc William Bent in half No longer functions
William's GTA 5 disc Lucy Set on fire Destroyed
William's air conditioner Andy Thrown out off the roof Broken
William's door Bill Assasinated by chainsaw Ripped; repaired
Andy's phone William Thrown in the pool by accident Destroyed
Bill's Laptop William Setting it on fire No longer functions
Violette's laptop William Beaten up Destroyed
PC Bill Set on fire Burned;destroyed
Andy's tablet William Drilled to deck Destroyed
Andy's phone William Drilled to deck Destroyed
William's Oreos Bill and Andy Eaten Some digested in stomach, others thrown on floor during fight
Andy's Doritos William Stomped on Renderence Inedible, Then the remains spilled on Andy and a little bit on William
William's snake from Kings Dominion Andy Ripped apart Splitted; to be replaced
Bill's Tools William Set on fire Tools burned
Andy's RAVAN Shirt William Cutted with scissors Renderence Inwearable
William's Xbox One Controller Andy Thrown in the forest off-camera Possibly Damaged
Fridge William Tripped over Unharmed
Mother's Day Cake William Slam in Bill's face Inedible
Shelf William Knocked over Unharmed
Items in shelf William Knocked down when William knocked the shelf out Unknown; items possibly damaged
Dishes William Chucked on the ground Shattered
William's Old Xbox One Violette Sold on eBay for a penny Sold (for $295)
Thank You Cake Bill Mushed with bare hands Kinda still edible
Light bulb William Thrown at Andy's head Shattered
Bill's New TV William Dropped and Axed Screen flickered and destroyed
Bill William Shot in butt with a BB gun Bullet didn't penetrate skin. Healed
Xbox One S Controller William Axed and Burned Destroyed
Williams Xbox One S Bill and Andy Burned and Axed Destroyed
Homework William Shot, burned and flushed Ripped in pieces
Bills Credit Card William Stolen, Cut in Half $400 withdrawn for Xbox One S
Big Macs William Thrown at Bill Renderence Inedible
William's Xbox One S Bill and Andy Buried Xbox was not damaged because it was put in bag
Bills Phone William Cupcake shoved up Cleaned
Bills Phone William Attempted to bury Digged out unharmed
2 Pizza's William One smushed with eggs and another burned Renderence Inedible
Table William Flipped Unharmed
Hot Dogs William Smushed when table flipped Renderence inedible
Cake William Smushed when table flipped Unharmed
Cabinet door William Ripped off To be repaired
William's Headphones William Slammed in the TV Destroyed
William's TV William Headphones thrown at and beaten with a shovel No longer functions; to be replaced
Wood from shelf assembly William Axed Can't be assembled
Toaster Oven William Axed Destroyed
Salad William Slammed Renderence Inediblie
Bill's Phone William Burned Destroyed
Wrapping Paper William Burned Paper melted
Andy's Santa Hat William Burned Burned to crisp, but Bell remained unharmed
Internet Router William Burned and stabbed Destroyed
Donuts William Stomped on Renderence Inedible
Bottle of Water Violette Chucked out of roof Bottle exploded
Clothes Violette Chucked out of roof Unharmed
Tower Fan Violette Chucked out of roof Destroyed
Heater William Slammed with a wood plunk, thrown out the roof and drowned Destroyed
Vanilla Cake William Slammed on Lucy's face Renderence inedible
Envelope William Burned Burnt to ashes
McDonald's Food (French Fries, Grand Mac, And Sprite) William and Violette Dropped to the ground by Violette and burned by William Renderence inedible and burnt to ashes
William's GTA 5 Disc Bill Thrown in the Paper Shredder Shredded and Obliterated
Bill's toe William Ran over by a truck Proven not hurt in later episodes
Violette's ChromeBook William Beated and Burned Destroyed
Peeps William Microwaved and squashed with a knife Renderence Inedible
Gaming Laptop Box Bill Burned Left to crisp
Andy's Luggage William Burned Burned to ashes
Andy's Polar Bear Slippers William Burned with the luggage Burned to ashes
Candy Bill Stomped Most candy inedible
Monitor William Smashed with a wooden bat LCD Unuseable
Bill Himself Fell off the floor Hurt, but ok
Ding Dongs William Stomped on Ruined
Fidget Spinner William Smashes with a hammer Destroyed
Cake William, Bill and Andy Slammed on each other Cake inedible
Fidget Spinner Violette Threw off the roof and ran over Unharmed, but doesn't spin
William's Old Shoe Violette Threw off the roof Lost, but possibly unharmed
Walmart Shoes William Burned Unwearable
William's Old Shoes Violette Sold off eBay for a penny Sold
School Papers William Burned Burnt to ashes
Fidget Spinner Violette Thrown in the pool Retrieved by William unharmed
Snowball William Slammed on head and forehead Both inedible
Router Bill Chainsawed Sliced in half, no longer works. Replaced
William's Samsung Galaxy S7 William Burned, then eggs thrown at hit and thrown Burnt
Plate William/Andy Slammed on the ground while fighting Shattered
Burrito William Slammed and stomped Inedible
Cake William Slammed on Bill's face Inedible
Hamburgers William Smushed and burned Inedible
GTA 5 Live Stream Lucy Disrupted Ended
El Gato Bill Cord snipped off Ruined, Replaced
Bill's butt Violette Shot Hurt,Healed
Happy Pencils William Broke in half Unusable
William's backpack William Burned Burnt to ashes
Andy's Rubik's Cube William Axed and burned Destroyed
Xbox One S Controller Lucy Baked in a cake Unusable
Cake William/Lucy/Violette Baked with controller, slammed on floor and smeared on people Renderence Inedible
Milky Way William Microwaved Melted
Xbox One S Controller William Thrown at a wall and ran over Destroyed
Halloween Treats William Burned his bag and ate Zachary's candy William's bag is burnt to ashes and some of Zachary's candy are gone
Pumpkins William Slammed on the road Destroyed
William's carved pumpkin William Ran over Ruined
Christmas Tree William Fell off the roof and William tosses it at the woods Somewhat Unharmed
Second Christmas Tree William William broke the top while trying to get Lucy to let go Top broken off
Xbox One S William Replaced by Xbox One X Reused in KID GETS HIS XBOX THROWN INTO RIVER BY SISTER!!!
Birthday Note William/Lucy Set on fire with a lighter and sprayed with water One edge of the paper was burned off; fire putted out by Lucy
Table William Flipped Unharmed
Cake William Flipped with table and slammed on Lucy's face Inedible
Xbox One S Lucy Thrown in the ocean Drowned
Marshmallow Friends William Microwaved Killed
Cords and cables William Set on fire Damaged, no longer work
Blue bin William Set on fire Partly Melted
Bill's Truck William Rammed the back of a UPS van Front dented, but vehicle in general works fine
Pancakes William Thrown on floor Inedible
William's TV William Kicked, thrown at a brick, drowned, and ran over TV ruined
Pizza William Slammed on the ground and on Bill Inedible
Cake William Slammed on the table and eventually burned Ruined and inedible
Cheap TV William Axed LCD ruined
"Pancake" William Thrown off deck Inedible
Plate William Thrown off deck Unknown, possibly shattered
Fortnite Monopoly Game William Hit with pickaxe multiple times Many pieces unharmed, but game board ripped
Table William & Andy Hit with pickaxe and flipped Hole in the middle, otherwise unharmed
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