After the Family Pizza night incident in DOMINO'S $7.99 DEAL GONE WRONG!!! with William throwing a fit over wanting Domino's Pizza, Bill and Violette refuse to buy him pizza. Bill offers him to eat Spam Burgers and Vienna Sausages (Even if Violette thinks they're disgusting) and Violette offered to cook for him like making him Pasta, some chicken or sandwiches. William refuses to eat home cooked meals and the Spam and Vienna Sausages since he isn't flexible with this type of circumstance. After pleading to want pizza several more times, William then goes outside to wait for his parents to get him the pizza and still they refuse. This gave Bill a chance to lock the door and lock William out. Violette tried to let William in after William discovered he was locked out but Bill would not let Violette unlock the door and Bill hopes it rains on William since it's wet out. After some arguing William then later appearing from the stairs yelling at his parents then he got back inside. After getting back inside William still continues to throw a fit over wanting pizza. William goes back out again and Bill locks him out again but this time Violette got to unlock the door and the video ends with William sitting down and wanting his parents to make pizza but they won't.


  • This is the First time Violette and Bill refuse to buy William pizza.
  • When William got locked out it's possible he got inside the house by having his bedroom window unlocked and grabbed a ladder climbing up to the roof and getting into his bedroom.
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