DISGUSTED DAD DEMOLISHES THANK YOU CAKE is a video posted on Violette1st and is the 55th video in the William's raging series playlist on August 11, 2016.


The video starts with Violette filming William doing the dishes (as per his request for an unknown reason at first). Violette is proud of this and William suddenly, he brings his mom a special surprise to make her even more happy: a cake thanking her for giving him a Xbox One S. His mom was happy and wanted to show Bill. But he doesn't like it, especially since she got him a Xbox even though he doesn't deserve it. William asks his father what he meant by him not deserving the Xbox but Bill replies what is he talking about. William tells Bill that he did chores but Bill says "Yeah right", Violette then tells Bill that William has been a good kid and that he's probably gonna keep being good but Bill doesn't believe Violette and then William asks his father why doesn't he ever have respect for him and Bill answers that Violette spoils William rotten but William says no he doesn't but Bill says yes she does. William again asks his father that why does he try to ruin everything but Bill says he doesn't try to ruin everything and that William's the one that doesn't listen. Violette tries to settle the argument by reminding Bill that the idea was that the trio had planned to watch a movie together tonight and William's cake would be something to start the family night off. She also mentions that William paid half the price for the Xbox as proof that William DID deserve the Xbox for real. Violette then wants to proceed with the cake and William wants Bill to leave the kitchen if he's going to keep ruining his good deed. At a cost, Bill requests a piece of cake but William refuses to give Bill ANY of the cake at all after his rudeness is starting to get William down. He then goes "Whattaya mean you're not givin me any?" and William repeats the same reason and Bill calls him an idiot. Violette tries to settle the dispute saying that everyone can have the cake and that they need to get along and decides to get going with cutting the pieces of the cake. Bill then decides to ruin the fun by stopping Violette from cutting the cake by proceeding to ruin it with his bare hands and gets it all mushed up telling William he didn't deserve the Xbox One S. William then escalates his actions (without screaming) by getting Bill back, as he leaves the kitchen, by squirting icing on his shirt and snaps "I CAN'T FRICKIN STAND YOU!" and complains to Violette upon returning into the kitchen about how Bill keeps ruining his good deeds and wrecks everything.

Later that night, Violette called William down saying the Bill left for a couple of hours and that they can still have a good movie night just the two of them. Although the cake is destroyed, his mom gets what is left and tries to have a good night, but things aren't the same. Eventually, they enjoy themselves with the cake and smushed cake tastes good too. Violette reminds William not to let Bill get him down and that eventually the two will repair their relationship.


Fans have hated Bill in this video for his actions but the only thing Bill is right about William is that Violette spoils him rotten.

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