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This video was uploaded on December 1, 2016.




The video starts with William and Andy getting along and setting up the new Christmas tree that William paid for on Christmas Tree Shops and That. William also felt bad from the incident where he shot and destroyed the TV and ruined the Family Christmas Movie Night and wrote a sorry note saying he owes his Dad a TV and left $5 set aside and a little TV for temporary use until a new TV arrives. All goes well with the Christmas spirit and good deed until Bill comes home. When he finds out about the small TV, he gets mad because William is having Christmas despite having to owe him a new TV after the incident in WILLIAM SHOOTS THE TV!!!. Violette and William try to plead Bill to be patient with William and appreciate the fact that he is trying to do a good deed to make up for his bad deed but Bill chooses to be stubborn and refuses to listen to Violette. This makes Bill chainsaw off the Christmas tree (which later sets off the smoke detector) and break the little TV, still mad about his TV getting destroyed and says they will not have Christmas until he gets a new TV replaced.


"Christmas spirit? What are you talking about? What about our TV?"

"Whoop-de-doo. 5 dollars."

"Oh. Nice. Like that's gonna replace the big screen?"

"I want the TV now! I don't want that piece of crap!"

"No. I'm not gonna help decorate the tree. What are you talking about?"

"Yeah! On that little thing? I don't think so!"

"What are you talking about? He ruined my... He ruined the TV! He ruined the TV!"

"Well, that's not replacing the TV, I'm sorry!"

"That tree's gotta go. I want my TV!"

"No. No. He's not having Christmas till he replaces that TV!"

"Yeah, right! You'll see! Yes, you will!"

"No! Get in there! Watch out! Get back! Get back!"

"What are you doing?!"

"You'll see!!!"

"What in the world was that about?"


"You have a TV right here."

"That piece of crap? I don't want that!"

"You have a TV!"

"I don't want that piece of crap!"

"You set off the smoke detector! Are you happy?"

"Yes. I'm very happy."

"Look what you did!"

"I don't care! I want my TV replaced! And I don't want this piece of crap either!"

"I want my TV back!"

"You can't just go around breaking TV sets!"

"I want the TV back! Frickin' jerk! You frickin' idiot!"

"Bill, you can't just go around breaking TV sets! That's irresponsible behaviour!"

"He broke...He broke our TV! What are you talking about?"

Things Destroyed[]

• Christmas Tree ($78.00 in Damage)


This is the second time Bill has used a chainsaw. The first one being in 'DAD CHAINSAWS KIDS DOOR DOWN!!!'

Andy wasn’t even angry at all in this video, because he was having Christmas spirit much more than William.