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Violette gets home late one night and hears William and Bill arguing in the living room. When she goes to the window to check on them, she sees William playing Fortnite on the TV due to the fact that he can't play it upstairs since he destroyed his old TV in KID DROWNS PARENTS $3,000 TV IN POOL OVER FORTNITE!!!, but Bill wants to watch The Food Network and William wouldn't let him. Violette wanted to make a compromise for William and Bill to share the TV, but William says no. After some arguing, the TV gets turned off and William gets angry, thinking either his mom or dad turned it off. When Violette told Bill about, he is going to get a turn, Bill then tries to steal William's Doritos. William and Bill get into a fight with them and ended up destroying the Doritos and making a mess on the floor. William then pulls out some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from under his blanket and hands Bill one if he would leave him alone and let him play Fortnite, but Bill refuses because he stills wants to use the TV. Violette gets so angry when she saw that William had Peanut Butter Cups without her because it was here favorite moment, and it was her dream to have them during family time which caused William to put the last Peanut Butter Cup behind the sofa. Then Bill goes to his breaking point and takes the Xbox away from him and takes it in the office, infuriating William. Violette was still livid about not having her Peanut Butter Cup and wants to look for it behind the sofa and Bill came out of the office and placed a lock on the deadbolt to the office door so William couldn't get inside to get his Xbox back meaning no Fortnite. William is so infuriated that he pulled the Peanut Butter Cup from behind the sofa and stomped on it, not giving it to Violette and has one last one and eats it without Violette having at least one Peanut Butter Cup. Violette wanted William to get the broom and dustpan and Bill to get the Xbox out of the office, but Bill refuses because he wants to watch TV. William gets the broom and dustpan and comes back, yelling a long and enraged "SHUT UP!!!". He hands the broom and dustpan to Bill, and they argue who should clean up the mess. William complains about how it's been 4 days since he had to go swimming and still has no TV after punching his old TV, which then causes Violette to spank William with the broom and William retaliates by spanking her back, causing one of the cats to be frightened. William has had enough of tonight with his night getting ruined and takes his blanket and pillow back upstairs without cleaning up the Doritos and Peanut Butter Cup mess and goes to bed. Violette then signs off all angry and stressed.

Things Destroyed[]

• Doritos ($4.00 in Damage)

• Peanut Butter Cup ($0.50 in Damage)

Total damage $4.50