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It's William's 16th birthday and Violette brings home a cake. She shows it to William and he is happy. William wants to eat it right away, so he and Violette head into the kitchen to celebrate his birthday. However, there are cat-food bags on the table, leaving no room for the cake. While Violette was out, William was supposed to feed the animals, which he did, but did not put the bags away. William refuses to get them off, because it's his birthday and he believes he is "The King", so he doesn't have to do any chores around the house. William angrily sits his cake down on one of the chairs, and then yells at Violette, telling her to move out of the way. William retreats to the couch, folds his arms, and completely tunes her out. Violette tries to talk to him, but realizes he is not listening to her, so Violette tries to get Bill to clean the table off instead. She tries to call Bill a few times, but gets no response. The video cuts to when Bill is coming down the stairs. Violette tries to explain to Bill why he refused to clean the table off. He states that William should take them off anyway, because his ankles are killing him and he needs to sit down. Bill doesn't notice William's birthday cake sitting on one of the chairs and ends up sitting on the cake, making William furious. William takes the smashed cake upstairs, but Violette tells him not to. He does it anyway. Violette, William and Bill get into an argument. Violette demands Bill to get William a new cake, but he refuses. Afterwards, Violette came into William's room and realised that he ate the entire cake with his hands and he faints to sleep. She told William that Bill bought him another cake. So, Bill brings home a boxed cupcake with the candle saying 16 on it. William is irritated by this, but Bill says that was all he could get him. William gets mad and smashes the cupcake, Violette is shocked and Bill is angry. William goes back upstairs to his room, furious. With Violette saying "Happy Birthday" and decides to make the best of the situation.

Things Destroyed[]

β€’ Birthday Cake (~$3.58 in Damage)


  • This is the first video where the new camera's audio is muffled due to it being overused.
  • William’s actual β€œ16th birthday” fell on a Wednesday not a Thursday, because this video was published on a Thursday.
  • This is the ninth cake-related video.