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WILLIAM'S PARENTS SHOOT AND DESTROY HIS XBOX ONE!!! (also known as Dad Shoots Son's Xbox!!! or Bill Shoots William's Xbox One!!!) is a video that was first uploaded on February 22, 2016 on the Violette1st YouTube channel.




"Will, get down here now!"

"I'm not coming down!"

"Will, come on!"




"Lucy, go up and get his Xbox."


"Move, Will."

"No, no, what are you doing?!!! No! Get the frick off!!!"

"Your sister needs the Xbox."

"No, no, no! No, stop!"

"Your sister needs the Xbox."

"Don't turn off my frickin' game! No, no, stop, no, no, get off, get off!!!!!!!!!!!


"No, William! We've been waiting all day for you to come down and do family time!"

"You're not getting your Xbox back! We're tired of you and the Xbox!"

"Give me that Xbox! Give it to me!"

William, Bill, Violette and Lucy.


The video begins with Violette, Bill and Lucy waiting for William to get off the Xbox so they can have their family movie night, but William is choosing to be uncooperative and refusing to get off his Xbox and come downstairs. Violette tries to call him down but he yells saying he's not coming down and yells at her to "Screw off" causing him not wanting to spend family time with his family.

When William refuses, Bill tried to get William to come downstairs but still William refuses, so Bill told Lucy to go upstairs and get his Xbox. Lucy then barges into William's room to take away his Xbox One with William while he's trying to log in to his user account to test his game, pleading to Lucy to give his Xbox back. But she headed downstairs and gives it to Bill. Bill goes outside and shoots the Xbox One/Xbox One S with a BB gun causing a hole in it and Violette then whacks it a bunch of times with an axe before the video ends.

Things Destroyed[]

Victim Destructor Method Victim's Final Result
William's Xbox One Bill, Violette and Lucy Taken away. Then shot with a gun and whacked with an axe No longer functions; Replaced

($499.99 in Damages)


  • This was the first time Lucy has taken Bill and Violette's side instead of William's.
  • This was the first time William's Xbox gets destroyed by a BB gun.
  • This was the second time a BB gun has been used in the Violette1st series, since WILLIAM GOES PSYCHO AND SHOOTS UP AND STABS TV OVER XBOX!!!
  • This was the first time Bill yells at William to come down and do family time.
  • This was the first time Violette refuses to help William stopping Lucy from taking his Xbox.
  • The title for the video has been changed to "DAD SHOOTS SON'S XBOX!!!".
  • This was the first time Violette destroys William's things.
  • Bill never uses the words "jerk" and/or "dingbat" in this video, despite him being an antagonist.
  • This was also the first time where a character commits a crime, which in this case, is assault. As Lucy assaults William by holding him away from his Xbox as his parents destroy it.
  • This was the first time Lucy tells William: "Stay back. STAY BACK!"
  • This was the first time Violette turned against William by being Bill's demonic teammate with the destruction of the Xbox.


The video has gotten mixed reviews. Many people were glad at William's parents for destroying his XBOX saying he deserved it. Others were not happy with them saying they went too far.

Well, that's what William got for not coming down and doing the movie family night.