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Violette is sick and has a headache and she is trying to lay down in bed in her bedroom but she is having a hard time getting peace and quiet because she can hear William raging on Xbox from outside from her bedroom. She tells William to keep it down on his Xbox since she's not feeling well. When William argues with her thinking that Violette doesn't have a headache and is trying to get him to stop raging. As William shoves Violette out of his room since she is interfering with his game, Violette asks Bill to help her and Bill did help by telling William to stop raging because Violette is not feeling well. William replies saying he doesn't care with Bill saying he knows he doesn't care. Bill then tries to take the controller away from him after William screamed at his Xbox, but William refuses to let Bill have it and Bill tells William that doesn't know how to listen. After William refused to give Bill his controller, Bill then takes his headset without William knowing (but William did see him take it) since William was too busy focusing on his game and then Bill leaves the room with William's headset and Violette tries to have a talk with him to have him be quiet and then William realizes his headset was missing because Bill took it from him. William then goes downstairs and outside finding Bill in the car and William pleading to Bill to give his headset back to him but Bill won't give him the headset. After pleading Bill several more times, Bill starts up Violette's car and then it was revealed that it was under the car tires and Bill has ran it over completely crushing the headset. When William looked at the remains of his headset and Violette commented that Bill ran it over, William thought Violette laughed but she didn't. As Bill came back, William was still mad about his headset being crushed and asked Bill "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" and Bill replies saying he has no respect for his family whatsoever. William then walks away from Bill saying "I HATE YOU DAD." and Bill throws the crushed headset to William then William throws it in the woods and goes back in the house all mad and Violette complains that her headache got worst.

Things Destroyed[]

• Headset ($20.00 in Damage)


  • This is the first time William says "I Hate You" to Bill
  • This is one of the time’s where Bill considers his own wife (Violette) Feelings.
  • At 1:13 Violette’s right side of her face is seen.