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After the events of KID RUNS OVER DAD'S FOOT IN TRUCK!!! (RAGE), it is revealed by Violette that William has actually felt guilty about the incident and has been taking care of Bill while his foot heals. So William made Bill dinner and Bill appreciated it without calling William names. Bill says if he needs something from William he will ring a bell. It appears that everyone is finally getting along. Violette and William go upstairs to William's room with Mitty the Cat waiting in William's room and announce that they will be having family night, and that Bill doesn't know about yet so they will surprise him. William, Violette and Mitty were excited with Mitty biting William's hand in a friendly way because he's excited. However, everything soon comes crashing down. As the two are walking down the stairs, they overhear Bill talking on the phone to someone (possibly Andy or one of Bill's friends.) He reveals that his foot was never broken, and he was simply faking a broken foot so he can be waited on all day, planning to "TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE" of it!

They go back upstairs, and then hear Bill ringing his bell, calling them downstairs. William is DISPLEASED, but Violette gets him to play along with it. Bill asks for a cup of coffee with extra cream, and the two go into the kitchen. William pours Bill a cup of coffee but puts in additives like salt, pepper, and hot sauce into it.

They bring him the coffee, and after taking a drink, Bill spits it onto the floor and immediately gets up and walks to the kitchen without any problems, and ANGERS William and Violette, who tell him they know he's faking the injury. Bill, however, keeps denying it. Violette is very disappointed in Bill for faking the whole thing, and firmly rebukes him. William is MAD, and says he "CAN'T STAND HIM!", and that he wants to kick Bill out of the house for tricking him.

While Bill is trying to clean up the mess, William flauntingly rings the bell and mocks Bill.

Violette, having enough of this whole thing, just signs off.


  1. The video was mentioned again in KID BEATS AND BURNS CHROMEBOOK OVER HOMEWORK!!!.
  2. It is unknown on who was Bill talking to on the phone. It could be his friend or Andy.
  3. This is one of those episodes where William cares for his dad and regrets it for running his dad’s foot over with a truck.
  4. Many people criticized Bill for lying to his son and wife about faking an injury which many fans hated Bill for who he is, and can’t stand him. This video is known to be a heated one due to Bill’s behavior which people says he’s mentally ill and stubborn.