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Artie Knight YT Artie Knight YT 15 March

Stop censoring the swears on the pages.

I'm tired of this troll user called Tobi Wan who keeps censoring all the swears, so we don't even know what they are. I had to spend the past half hour changing all the pages back to their original state and adding on missing information. If an admin is reading this, please do something about it.

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Reddeath12.50 Reddeath12.50 12 November 2021

Ban Shawn And Karai

They literally kept creating new accounts to terrorize me and Epps. Report them to the ip admins immediately. After their ip banned, we will no longer be worried from them anymore.

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FunCartoonNetwork FunCartoonNetwork 17 June 2021

The Simpsons Ride

(The episode begins with a memoriam)

"This episode is dedicated to Sam Simon (One of the co-developers of "The Simpsons," along with James L. Brooks and Matt Groening), 1955-2015."

(We then cut to black and a quote)

'"Is it Ice Cream?"

-An old Springfield proverb-'

(We then cut to Jerk in front of the Universal Studios Hollywood entrance sign.)

Jerk: To all who come to this reasonably content place, welcome. I'm Some Jerk With A Camera! (We cut to the entrance archway for the park with the "Some Jerk With A Camera" Logo in the same style as "The Simpsons.") Universal hates itself! No, really, Universal hates itself.

Jerk (v/o): Oh, sure, they try to act confident. After all, they are one of only two Hollywood studios with the guts to get into the …

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FunCartoonNetwork FunCartoonNetwork 17 June 2021

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network channel founded in October 1, 1992 - A division of Warner Bros. owned by AT&T.

  • 1 Funny
    • 1.1 Warner Bros. Animation
    • 1.2 Canadian co-productions
  • 2 Acquired programming
  • 3 Repeats of ended programming
    • 3.1 Original programming
  • 4 Upcoming programming
    • 4.1 Original programming
      • 4.1.1 Cartoon Network Studios
      • 4.1.2 Warner Bros. Animation
      • 4.1.3 Live-action and live-action/animated series
      • 4.1.4 Canadian co-productions
      • 4.1.5 European co-productions
    • 4.2 Cartoonito programming
      • 4.2.1 Original programming
        • Cartoon Network Studios
        • Warner Bros. Animation
      • 4.2.2 Acquired programming
  • 5 Former programming
    • 5.1 Former original programming
      • 5.1.1 Animated series
      • 5.1.2 Live-action and live-action/animated series
      • 5.1.3 Miniseries
    • 5.2 Former short series
    • 5.3 Former European co-productions
    • 5.…

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Violette3rd Violette3rd 14 June 2021

Andy's Back?

I came back because I got word that Andy returned to give an update on the channel. He did confirm that William wasn't around his old house anymore, but it isn't unknown where he is. Presumably in college.

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Tkgaynor Tkgaynor 14 January 2021

I take it back... I'm going to step down

I feel like i am completely insufficient as an admin. I am a weakling, i'm too lazy to clean the place up, and i have lost interest in Violette1st themselves, to the point where, right now i actually hate them. I feel like i should just demote myself, but if i do, i will be unable to change it unless Ben or Hiroshima see fit to allow me to become a Sysop again. I think this place is also too far gone, and should be shut down.

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Violette3rd Violette3rd 9 December 2020

Update on everything

Man... and I mean, MAN, it's been forever since I've been here. I'm honestly surprised that the wikis are still active to this day. I pretty much lost all interest on Violette1st, and they haven't even uploaded in almost 2 years. I decided to come back here out of boredom and was surprised of what I found. Unfortunately, this wiki has probably been worse than ever. Like, it doesn't feel like what the wiki was in 2016-2017.

I might make some changes, but I can't make any promises. Until then, I've made ASkidda92 an admin of the Fanon wiki since he's the only one who still care. I might add more users as admins on this wiki. It's okay to still contribute here, but please behave. The last thing I need is for all the info on these wikis to be t…

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LittleSodom999 LittleSodom999 27 November 2020

Watch out for a fake wiki

This wiki is a ripoff of this wiki. Please avoid it at all costs. Also report it to be taken down.

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 16 November 2020

The Charming King advent calendar

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Salvad3r Salvad3r 22 April 2020

Should I make a violette1st tribute video? it seems like they're never coming back.

Should I? Ill link my youtube

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DaddyOFanfics DaddyOFanfics 4 October 2019

CODY GOES TO THE FAIR!!! (DaddyOFive Vlog)

Cody: What’s up, Team DO5! Today, I am going to the country fair. This should be fun!

Cody eats cotton candy

Cody: I’m gonna ride the pirate ship.

Cody ride the pirate ship

Cody: Weeeeeee!

Cody then goes to a roller coaster

Cody: Whoa! This is pretty scary!

Cody then goes to a haunted house

Cody: Yikes! That scared me!

Cody then goes to a country concert

Cody: I love the music!

Cody then rides a pony

Cody: Come here, horsie!

Cody then goes home

Mike: Did you have fun?

Cody: Yes!

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Hiroshima64 Hiroshima64 5 September 2019

This wiki is a mess

I’m honestly appalled by how messier up this wiki became. Back then, it was a great place for fans to create info about the Violette1st family and had a great time talking about them. Now it’s became a place where people can make up ridiculous video ideas and act mean to each other. The admins ended up leaving, and there’s no one to enforce the rules now. This wiki is an absolute disaster! I’ve returned out of curiosity to see how’s the wiki’s standing, and it’s just sad... I’m gonna have to start making some changes around here to finally get this wiki back to its one purpose: Post info about Violette1st, and have civil discussions about the family.

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HighBeatus01 HighBeatus01 2 September 2019

Violette1st is officially dead, and we must admit it.

Violette1st. Their last upload was KID PICKAXES FORTNITE MONOPOLY BOARD GAME!!! on December 25, 2018 and they haven’t uploaded ever since. Violette2nd. Their last upload was Zachary goes to Kings Dominion on April 10, 2019. RagingGaming. Their last upload was Minecraft Survival Livestream! | $300 DONATION ON MINECRAFT!?! on July 15, 2019. There hasn’t been an update at all since these videos came out. Their channels are officially dead. It was about time anyway. Some of their classic videos were removed because they were either too violent or they were endangering the lives of others like the laxative pranks or the car burning video. Gillette and their family decided to kill things off once and for all in an anticlimactic video where Willi…

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JacksBerry88 JacksBerry88 8 July 2019

Who ships Fraise and Lil Tecca?

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NewAgeBoy09 NewAgeBoy09 6 June 2019

WTF with Anant Kesar?

There's this asshole named Anant Kesar who is renaming pages to gibberish, replacing entire articles with gibberish, and when I told an admin about him, he replied to me in the most disrespectful way possible. Have the admins stopped caring? Why is this moron able to go around spamming and not get blocked for it? WHY??

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Zenti302 Zenti302 3 March 2019

I'm back

So,my old account got disabled because of something I did a year ago,so I created this new one!

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NewAgeBoy09 NewAgeBoy09 14 December 2018

Lack of uploads

What's up with the lack of uploads on violette1st lately? There hasn't been any since DAD BECOMES ADDICTED TO FORTNITE!!!.

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BrianME BrianME 20 November 2018

I come back to this?

This wiki is a mess. Did the previous admins stopped caring?

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KoopaLive KoopaLive 25 August 2018

Violette1st Characters with similarities to Fictional Characters: William

Here are the villains who are similar to William.

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Graduation2015 Graduation2015 23 July 2018

Transfer and Banning a FANDOM user

Hey as some of you may know I disabled Violette1stFan because I wanted to change my username I just wanted to let you guys know this so you guys won't be suspicious and also the reason why I have banned a FANDOM user is because there has been a lot a Vandalism here and misbehaving lately and we want this Wiki to recover!

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BrianME BrianME 21 July 2018

Where I've been (The Future of my Part on the Wiki)

“You can't stop the future
You can't rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret to press play.” 
― Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why

Well, things do change, that's for sure. Since my departure and little activity, the wiki has gone to places that I've never would want. More A FANDOM users have been raiding the site more than ever, people are vandalizing, it's been a mess. And I'm not even here to stop it all. But why?

Well, I hate to say it, but I'm starting to lose interest of Violette1st myself. Due to their lack of uploads (although they've been uploading a lot recently), poorer quality, and the dysfunctional family/video games destruction genre on Youtube has been dead since the Psycho Series's end and the passing of AGP. I've basi…

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SuperStario89 SuperStario89 12 July 2018

BrianME's Where have I been blog,my version

So alot of you have been wandering where I've been,well,the reason why I'm inactive is because I lost intrest in this wiki.This wiki is now full of fandom users posting cringy  comments about video ideas and other crap,also the power outage that Violette mentioned affected Florida,so there you go,that's where I've been.

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BrianME BrianME 19 May 2018

WAM Score

I've decided to add a WAM Score to see our place on WIkia! Like it?

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SeaWorks8362 SeaWorks8362 16 May 2018

Slowed & Reverb Storage

Ok guys so I found a list of slowed & reverb songs. TheY just sound amazing. Link here:

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BrianME BrianME 5 May 2018

Ending A FANDOM user ban

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BrianME BrianME 29 April 2018

How to spot the alter account

So recently, there has been this kid that has been copying what people say and being a @$$hole in general. We've blocked him, but he always comes back with another account! Here is how you spot the user:

  • Generic username like JohnSmith2016 or AdamLanza2013
  • Similar/Identical wiki contributes
  • Repeats what people say
  • No profile pic

If you spot the user doing any of these, it is porbably him. Report him to an admin and let them take care of it.

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SuperStario89 SuperStario89 11 April 2018

We're reconnected to the fanon wiki

So,If you don't know,we have a fanon wiki .

So,as most of you know,BrianME broke all ties to the fanon wiki because of cringy OC's and Fanfic,but since then i asked him to reconect to the fanon wiki and he said yes after doing research and finding out that the wiki has improved,so if you want to go to the fanon wiki,you can use the link in this blog post,or head over to the main page.

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SuperStario89 SuperStario89 7 April 2018

Violette1st's BIGGEST problem

So today I will addres the biggest problem of Violette1st and that is,as you know,their schedule.

Now the Violette1st schedule is a MESS and here is why:

1.Violette (a.k.a Kerry) keeps changing the schedule without announcing it,and she rarley uploads,which is bad because Violette1st is one of those small channels unlike Jacksepticeye,PewDiePie or DanTDM.Let's say for an example,you see a Violette1st video and subscribe wanting more,so you wait,and wait...Untill you say "Ok,the channel's dead,I'm unsubscribing"

2.The videos aren't uploaded often and Violette doesn't say when or if they will be uploaded.

3.As you saw in the second reason,Violette doesn't say when they are uploaded.

But the reason for this is that they are dealing with real-life …

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BrianME BrianME 20 March 2018


Okay. These unrealistic video ideas are getting out of hand. Especially in MOM AND SON BATTLE OVER PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!.

So, here's the thing: If you want all the unrealistic video ideas gone, just simply do this:

Trust me, attention is all they (or he/she if this is all by one person) wants. If we just not talk about it, they'll eventually get bored, and stop doing it.

Now this may be a challenge, considering that it happens once every 0.000000000000001 second, but trust me, all of this hard work will be worth it.

Also, NASCAR, if your reading this, I'm very sorry the wiki has gotten out of hand. We're doing everything we can to resolve this

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Doctorpig Doctorpig 15 March 2018

My thoughts on the unrealistic ideas

Now, the unrealistic ideas have been seen as one of, if not THE, biggest problem to the wiki. You could not go on the comments of a video article without seeing dozens of these comments saying that William was going on Dr Phil or that Bill would get braces. I always thought they were annoying but tried my best to ignore them.

But this is something else.

On the latest video, "Mother and Son fight over Peanut Butter Cups", the comment page has surpassed 360 comments at the time of writing. The average section usually has like 2 or 3 pages. This one had 8! I checked all the pages and only 1 or 2 commenters actually had a picture for their profile. The page is filled to the brim with people saying an unrealistic idea.

There is one person who outr…

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BrianME BrianME 5 March 2018

Who wants colored usernames?

Title says it all

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BrianME BrianME 4 March 2018

A FANDOM users return

Since February 13, 2018, we have a FANDOM user ban due to the cancer they've created. I've decided to repeal this ban, so A FANDOM users are back.

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GucciSupremeBoi8 GucciSupremeBoi8 4 March 2018

deleting this blog in .00001 seconds

Okay I might not delete this blog, but I'm just posting the Unico movie because I am a fan of the series.

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KidOfTheBlackHole KidOfTheBlackHole 25 February 2018

Top 10 users, by edit count.

See title.

Number 10: FandomBot (234 edits)

Number 9: Bendrownedfan111 (266 edits)

Number 8: Violette1stFan (322 edits)

Number 7: Hiroshima64 (383 edits)

Number 6: WikiaBot (455 edits)

Number 5: Wikia (492 edits)

Number 4: Hardworker2932 (504 edits)

Number 3: Violette3rd (611 edits)

Number 2: NASCARfan19 (1406 edits)

And our winner: BrianME (2690 edits)

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NewJerseyYesNewYorkNo NewJerseyYesNewYorkNo 14 February 2018

first blog

You can ignore this blog.

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Ere54 Ere54 13 February 2018

FANDON users disabled

Okay, we're gonna try this A FANDOM user ban again. This time, it'll be for as long as it takes.

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Violette3rd Violette3rd 6 February 2018


I haven't been active here lately because at this point, everyone is spamming the comments with "______ is going to (insert cringy action/video idea here)" or "STOP WITH THE ______". It's honestly getting ridiculous at this point, and I can't stand it!

And no, I'm not going to leave the wiki. But if this keeps up, then I might.

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AFanRebel936 AFanRebel936 30 January 2018


I am now admin of this wiki

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AFanRebel936 AFanRebel936 25 January 2018

Here is DaddyOFive fanart I found on Know Your Meme

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BrianME BrianME 24 January 2018

A FANDOM user temporally ban

Due to A FANDOM users agruing and making cancerous ideas, A FANDOM users will be banned on this wiki till 1/31/18.

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SuperStario89 SuperStario89 19 January 2018

How the Violette1st Family is getting worse

Disclamer:This is about how the Violette1st family is getting worse,not their videos which are good.

Bill-Bill has become the WORST Violette1st character,in the earlier videos he was calm,but since GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!! he became the most,If not THE MOST hated Violette1st character.

Violette-Violette used to be calm before,like Bill,but then she became a screaming b****.Other than that i noticed that she gets angred easily and overall,she became an annoying character in general.

William-Jesus Christ where to start...First of all William's behaviour has become a lot worse in past years,and thanks to his ADD,it's becoming a lot worse...Before he was a good boy,but then Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Has To Do Homework  he's be…

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NASCARfan19 NASCARfan19 15 January 2018


Guys, I've thought a while about this, and I've decided that it's time to put down my editing pencil, at least on this wiki. I know I'm a good admin, but I'm done. Ever since I became an admin, I've seen this wiki go from a great, informative, thriving wiki to a wiki where there are tons of annoying users constantly starting arguments and stuff. I'm tired of it. As of today, January 15, 2018, I'm no longer an admin on this wiki. You don't have to take away my privileges, but you may never see me on here again.

Sincerely, NASCARfan19
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BrianME BrianME 13 January 2018

it's over

Do you agree with my block? Yes! No!

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UsnaBolt922 UsnaBolt922 12 January 2018

One word that explains video ideas in general

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BrianME BrianME 10 January 2018

DDLC Ideas

So recently, there has been a trend going on in the wiki where people say "William needs to sleep with Monika" or "Yuri is going to lose all of her knifes by Violette". These are from the Doki Doki Literature Club game. More info about it here. (Enter the wiki at your own risk because of spoilers and graphic content)

Guys, I am THIS CLOSE to disabling all comments on the wiki, so you won't be able to post comments anymore! Does that sound like fun? No! So stop adding DDLC ideas!

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SuperStario89 SuperStario89 8 January 2018


So today,a fandom user stole one of my video ideas.And i know this has been happening a lot recently,but we can put a stop to this

So should admins add a "no stealing video ideas" rule?



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SuperStario89 SuperStario89 5 January 2018

Admin-based video ideas

BrianME and NASCARfan19 meet the Violette1st family

BrianME gets BillME banned for 9999 years

NASCARfan19 and BrianME move in with the Violette1st family

Neko leaves the fanon wiki for good



BrianME and NASCARfan19 talk with the Violette1st family about their freak-outs

BrianME and NASCARfan19 meet theViolette1st family will come out at 9/1/2018


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BrianME BrianME 31 December 2017

2017 Year Review

2017 was a mixed year for the Violette1st Wiki. We opened up the fanon wiki, which was a complete disaster, and the RagingGaming wiki. We also have 2 crazy users. One named Mya, who hired a admin to unblock him and diss me. And we got BillMe, the kid who claimed he was Bill, but he wasn't, so he attacks ours and others wiki's, but is now global blocked. He even attempted to swap IP addresses and attack us not once, but twice, but that ended horribly, and he hasn't came back since.

The Violette1st channel also hasn't had the activity and epic rages as last year, but we still got some good ones.

And that was 2017, possibly the best year for the wiki. Let's see what 2018 has in stores for us...

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BrianME BrianME 28 December 2017

Breaking All Ties to the Violette1st Fanon Wiki

Hey everyone. So for those who don't know, we have a fanon wiki. Now most people know that the fanon wiki has been invaded by cringy fanfics and OCs. We've done everything we can to get this resolved, but there hasn't been any change. That's why I will announce that we will officially break all ties to the fanon wiki.

Now, that doesn't mean we're gonna delete the wiki. It'll still be there. It's just we'll stop advertising it and leave it be. However, just because we're not gonna deal with it doesn't mean you cause mayhem there. We have admins like Neko who will work to protect the wiki.

Also, we will have a rule banning Dr. Phil, braces, sleeping with others, singing songs, guessing which unrealistic ideas would air, meeting other Youtubers…

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BrianME BrianME 14 December 2017


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