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BILL SNIPS THE CORDS ON WILLIAM'S GAME CAPTURE!!! is a video on the Violette1st YouTube Channel.



It was uploaded on July 27, 2017.


The video starts off with William throwing a fit because his Elgato cord to his live stream doesn’t work due to the sound not working. Violette confronts him and asks him what is going on. William responds that his stream isn't working but responding very fast and Violette couldn't understand what William is saying and wants him to slow down and communicate more effectively only to get William to tell Violette to shut up. Violette tells William he can be nicer and wonders why he is yelling at other people on his stream, but William is yelling at his game capture because there is no sound. William tried to go on a private stream to test if he can fix it. Violette offered to fix the stream, but William wouldn't let her, but then lets her fix if she knows how to fix it. After Violette exited out the stream, William gets infuriated and complains that Violette made the process a whole lot harder. Then Bill gets his sleep disturbed from his bedroom and he yells at William, "Shut up, Jerk!" William replies back saying "How about you shut up!" After that, Violette tells William he has too much activity going on and the computer is going to slow down and wants to help more. William refuses because he thinks Violette is the worst with technology and they argue until William decides to be defiant and covers his ears and says, "Blah Blah Blah" to her and she responds back with a "Blah Blah Blah". Violette tries to fix the stream, but William yells at her to get out of his room and Bill yells "shut up" again. After leaving William's room, William throws a fit again and Violette tells William to keep it down and William refuses. Bill gets awoken by William's fits, comes in William's room and tells him he's trying to sleep, because he has things he has to do tomorrow. William says no and points out that Bill is in his underpants and Bill replies saying "So? I'm sleeping, Jerk!" Violette then reminds Bill that she has the camera running and Bill is in his underpants. Bill tells William to shut up and if he doesn't stop throwing a fit, he will make him pay dearly. After Bill goes back to bed, William continues to throw a fit even more until he gives up on getting his stream to work and once, he was about to go downstairs, Bill gets to his breaking point after he has had enough of William's raging and he comes back in his room with William thinking Bill can fix his stream. But Bill tricks William into cutting the HDMI cable (connected through the Elgato gaming capture) with a pair of pliers to William’s stream causing him to not stream for the night thinking that would make William stop his raging. William then freaks out and yells because he now believes that the fact that Bill cut the HDMI cable (connected through the Elgato) and can't stream anymore means that the fans will hate him after Bill ruined the stream. After Bill goes back to bed, William then seeks revenge on Bill by blowing an air horn at him while he’s sleeping several times making Bill angry, and making him yell very loudly, "STOP!" After William tells Bill to "Get Rekt" and blows the air horn at him one last time and Bill replies "Screw You" to William, he blows the airhorn many more times heading downstairs with Violette telling him to stop because she hates the sound. William now feels better by getting his revenge on Bill and asks nicely to Violette for another HDMI Cord tomorrow and Violette will buy him a new one and apologizes to the fans if William couldn't stream tonight.

Latter Bill apologized to William for snipping the cords from his game capture.

Things Destroyed[]

Victim Destructor Method Result
William's cord Bill Snipped by Bill Replaced tomorrow ($12.00 in Damage)


  • This is the only video of the channel to feature pliers.
  • The Elgato was an HD60S.
  • Violette is hypocritical in this video by telling William to communicate for effectively and not to talk extremely fast. However, Violette fast talks A LOT more than William does.
  • Bill's belly can be almost seen in the video.