"They were gonna lick the icing! You know they like to have to lick the icing for their birthday!"

Bill and Violette


It is the cat's (Whinney, Carly and Pinky) birthdays and Violette wants to celebrate by eating 24 mini cupcakes and unboxing the cats gift which a Pet Drinking Fountain for the Violette2nd channel. However, the cupcakes went missing when Violette and William went for a swim at the swimming Pool. At first, she thought it was William. After William and Violette searched the house for the cupcakes, Violette then saw the cupcakes in her bedroom and discovered that it was Bill had them. Violette wakes Bill up who is sleeping and asked him what happened to the 24 cupcakes after they were all eaten by him and Bill gets angry to tells her and William to shut up and leave him alone. Bill attempted to lie saying he didn't eat the cupcakes and blame the dogs that were upstairs and ate them and then on Andy once again, but it backfired because of the fact he had the cupcake frosting on his face. Violette and William tried to make Bill get up and buy more cupcakes but Bill refuses to buy cupcakes because he's still mad at William for destroying his birthday cake a month ago in WILLIAM RUINS BILL'S BIRTHDAY!!! and he's tired and wants to sleep. Violette thought that Bill is punishing the cats by not buying them cupcakes over William destroying his cake and Bill replies that Cats aren't suppose to eat cupcakes. After William comes back in the room again yells at Bill saying he ruined the cats birthday and hurt their feelings, Bill yells back him to get out and cats can't have cupcakes and Violette replies saying they were gonna lick the icing on the cupcakes. William then goes downstairs to get Pinky and makes Bill apologize to him and Bill says he's sorry for eating the cupcakes and William then says he also has to apologize to Whinney and Carly. William and Violette then try again to get Bill to buy more more cupcakes but Bill says no and William then says how depressed Pinky is. The video ends with Violette calling Bill names such as Cupcake eater, Cupcake thief and Cat birthday ruiner, William sitting on the stairs upset and Violette trying to find another way to make the cat's birthday better like going the 7 Eleven herself to get new cupcakes.

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