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BILL AND ANDY FIGHT WILLIAM WHILE HE'S SICK!!! (also known as Dad and Cousin Fight Kid While He's Sick!!!) is a video posted on the Violette1st YouTube channel on 19 August 2017.




The video starts with William having an ear infection and is so sick that he can't even play video games, and he needs to be cured. Andy and Bill don't believe him and don't show that they care about William being sick. Violette asks William if she can get him get him a drink and William said yes. Violette went to get William a drink of water but William replied saying that water hurts his ear, and Violette then gives him a Powerade.

While Violette goes into the kitchen to the refrigerator to get William a bottle of Powerade, she can hear the first part of the fight going on. Violette then caught William grabbing Andy's leg, so she asked, "WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!" Andy says that William had the impression that Andy took his headphones, but Andy didn't have them.

Once Violette gives William his Powerade, Bill gets upset and tells Violette to stop coddling William but she refuses. She offered William if she can make him something to eat like a sandwich, and Bill wants something to eat too, but Violette only will do it for William since he's sick. William wanted Bill's cookie dough, which angers Bill, and he refused to share his cookie dough with William.

After Violette goes back and forth from the kitchen to the living room and sees Andy, William, and Bill fighting each other, Andy steals the cookie dough. That leads to an even bigger drama between the three, which involved Bill and Andy hitting William in the head with the cookie dough. Later, Bill takes the Powerade, and William takes the cookie dough.

The fight pauses when Bill tells William, "Give me my frickin cookie dough, jerk. GIVE IT TO ME!!!" At the same time, William kicks Andy in the private area, so Andy falls down in pain. Bill said he won't give William back his Powerade unless William gives his cookie dough back to him, and then William yelled, "GET REKT!!!!!!!!" Andy eventually recovers from the pain and then gets up. After that, Andy tells William that he should stop faking his ear infection and just let it go. Andy and Bill think he is being a faker. Then, the fight continues over the cookie dough.

The fight ends with William then falling of the couch and he and Andy fighting over the cookie dough with Andy winning over the cookie dough and hits William with it then gives it to Bill and he hits him with the roll of dough. Violette signs off by saying she will divide up cookie dough up and Bill saying freaking jerk.


  • This is the only video where someone gets hit in the private area (with the exception of the times Bill and William get shot in the butt).
  • This is the second time Andy has taken Bill's side instead of William's.
  • This is the only video where Andy gets hit with the cookie dough.
  • This is the only video where William gets hit with the cookie dough.