Plot[edit | edit source]

After what happened in BILL HAS FALLEN AND HE CAN'T GET UP!!!, Bill has started to become concerned about his current weight and has decided to start losing a majority of the amount of his current weight, not eat any sweets and has especially given up drinking beer. When William finds a bag of Ding Dongs in his bag, he thinks Bill ate some. He goes to confront Bill for it, where he replies that they aren't his. He says Andy put them there, in an attempt to get him in trouble. He even blames it on the dog. For a while, William and Andy tease Bill by eating ding dongs right in front of him. Bill tries to get the ding dongs after getting off his bike, and at the end, Bill finally admits the ding dongs were his and that he also drank some beers after William earlier mentioned about the empty cans he found in the trash. This video was uploaded on May 5, 2017.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • William and Andy fights Bill in the kitchen to get the ding dong box.
  • This is the fourth time of William’s parent’s bedroom being showed.
  • Andy likes ding dongs, even though he hasn’t try eating it, or doesn’t know. When Violette asks him on why he likes it, he says their amazing and it’s really good.
  • Violette asks Bill if he was going out at night eating ding dongs behind her back, it could be a reference if he was cheating on her or eating unhealthy foods. In response, Bill denies it and he says he loves her. The ding dongs could also represent that he was eating them for a cheat day.
  • At 6:07 Violette makes a reference to the Spongebob Squarepants episode Chocolate With Nuts.
  • At 9:51 a glitch can be seen.
    • The scene where Bill said "problem" was repeated.
    • Moral: Have a healthy diet.
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