Plot[edit | edit source]

Violette begins the video by telling the viewers that William, his parents, and Andy will go to the church for Christmas Eve, and William was going to volunteer.

Violette calls William so that he can come downstairs. When William finally comes down, Violette tells him that everyone wants to go to church service this Christmas Eve. Bill only wants to go for a free meal that comes with the service, but William says, "I'm only going because you're holding the router hostage." After Violette tells William that Andy likes the music, William says that the music at the church as well as Andy suck, and that Andy's Santa hat is stupid.

This makes Andy so offended that he yelled, "YOUR FACE IS STUPID!!!!" William yells, "Your face is more s..." (He was probably going to say, "Your face is more stupid.")

Andy then throws a pillow at William, and it hit him in the face, and a huge brawl between the two ensues. After the pillow fight, Andy wrestled William. Andy asked him, "Are you gonna go and have fun?" While William says, "I'm not gonna lie I'm not-," Bill yells saying that they will miss the meal if they don't leave the house right away. But still, we can assume that William was going to say or saying something along the lines of, "I'm not gonna lie I'm not gonna go and have fun!" After a bit of wrestling, Andy takes off William's sock and puts it in William's mouth, causing him to put soap in his mouth. Violette and Bill keep telling Andy to stop, but he doesn't listen and does many more dangerous actions (explained in the gallery). William responds by screaming (like a young kid getting shots or falling off bike), and his babyish anger compounds as the fight goes on.

After Andy throws William between a window, Violette warns Andy that William will get him back (in a video that is going to be uploaded next week). That is when Andy scoffs that he isn't afraid of William, and Andy continues fighting with him as the video comes to an end.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first video to start without the intro in it since WILLIAM THROWS THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY was uploaded.
  • Bill is not the antagonist in this video.
    • Probably because he didn’t act like it when they’re going on a holiday.
  • This is probably the most hectic fight between William and Andy.
    • Even though William kicked Andy in the private area in a fight that happened more recently, which was the only very dangerous action in that fight, Andy throwing him between a window and crushing him with a door were both dangerous.
    • Also, this foreshadowed William forcing Andy to go on the car's roof and burning his hat, which would trigger a second very serious fight.
  • It is unknown whether or not the family actually got to go to the church.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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